Top 5 unusually useful apps for 2017

Wish you all a very Happy New Year. I am sure it has been a wonderful year for all and it is going to be an even better year ahead. For me this year has been a year of realization. I have understood my likes and dislikes better now. One of things I realized was my love for Mobile applications. Those small apps that make quite a difference by simplifying your day to day tasks. Now just to be clear, I am not an app developer (Not yet), but I love discovering new apps that simplify my life. In the last few months I got so into it that I ended up installing one new app every day just to check what all it could do. Thanks to my phone who survived the year with all of it. As the New Year starts I would like to share top 5 apps that I used the most to simplify my day to day activities, and if few did not simplify things they made the experience interesting.

5: Bobble (Android and iOS)

                It’s time we changed the way we said things while we text, message or WhatsApp. Let’s make the experience a bit more fun and add a personal touch to it. Time to give your face to the messages you send. Bobble is simple app that makes a sticker of your face using your camera or your images stored, which can be utilized in any social media app. The best part is that you can use their keyboard to make a story in real time while sending messages. With support for GIF’s on WhatsApp, it allows you to create GIFs also. So next time you want to impress a girl over texts, make sure you let your bobble emote for you. You can download it from

4: Badoo (Android and iOS)

If you have been on Tinder for months with no girl right swiping you, its time you changed the place to hang out in search for flings. Badoo is just another dating app with a bit more features and scope of striking a conversation with strangers as it allows you to initiate a chat without a girl/boy liking you. Best part is you can actually use it from the browser on your pc/laptop also. With features comes a price also. There is a limit to the number of people you can initiate a chat with for free and sometimes the popular profiles might need you to buy some extra credits also. It also has features such as send gifts, buy super powers (message priority or checkout who visited and liked your profile etc.), popularity meter and many more. Check it out on play store from here


3: Alarmy (Android and iOS)

New Year resolutions never helped me get up in time but this app did. Alarmy is an alarm app that ensures I get up in time when it’s required. All you need to do is change the alarm off setting to a harder code (take a photo, solve a math’s problem) and it will ensure that dismissing the alarm will be a task for you. By the time you dismiss it you are already awake. It is annoying but gets the job done. Apart from this it will also give you News and climate for the day if you want, you can check your alarm history as how many times you dismissed or snoozed the alarm.  You can check it out on the play store


2: Legend (Android and iOS)

You have a party at your place and need to invite your friends, but just texting them is boring, or you want to wish happy birthday but texting seems too simple and sad.  Time to use the Legend App. It turns your text into amazing animations that look professional yet fun to watch. You can save it as GIF or MP4. You can choose between more than 10 pre-defined templates with various color options available. My favorite is the “Trailer” template which gives a Movie trailer effect. You can find it for both iOS (Rs. 120) and Android (Free).


1: Quality Time (Android)

                Does it happen very often with you that you decided to check your fb page for a minute and ended up wasting an hour, or someone shared a video link and apart from that video you watched 10 other videos as well which were of no use to you. If the answer is yes, it’s time you installed Quality Time. An app that monitors your app using habits and gives the stats of it on a daily basis. You can also set a threshold limit for an app and it will notify you when you reached your limit for the day. The best feature is you can create “scheduled breaks” where in you can set a scheduled time frame in which you will be allowed to open only certain apps during that time. For me it’s a must have as with trying to do multiple things in a day we need to ensure that our time is not wasted on a silly video as “drunk cats”. Unfortunately the app is only available for android as of now, but am sure the team will come out with an iOS version also.


Hope these apps will be of use to you in the coming year as they have to me. If you have any apps that you believe will have use for our day to day activities feel free to comment below.



One thought on “Top 5 unusually useful apps for 2017

  1. Never realized such apps exist. We commonly use messengers, social networking apps and inbult apps on phone for common tasks like alarm, notes etc. Worth to give a try using the apps that you have reviewed.


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