Top 5 Image editing apps that you must try if you are a photography enthusiast..

Tired of using the same old image filters on your selfies? Want your pics to stand out on Facebook, Instagram or the dating apps.  It’s time you used a few professional tools to edit, before uploading your pics. Check out the top 5 Image editing apps I recommend that can transform your selfies into stunning portraits.

5:  Photo Editor

Platform: Android

Correcting the brightness, sharpness, color or correcting the RGB curves and levels too, the app has all the basic editing options that you might require. It also has the pre-defined filters and effects available for you to use for a quick fix. The best feature it comes with is to apply a preset effect on multiple images in one go. You can create your own presets and use them as well. The UI of the App is decent if not great, it may take some time to understand how to use few of the features. The app has a rating of 4.2 with a total of 10 million Downloads on the Google Play Store. You can download it from

4: Pixlr

Platform: iOS and Android

Pixlr is app developed by Autodesk Inc. The team that has also developed applications like AutoCad. You will surely experience a great amount of professionalism when using the app. Apart from the basic editing features, the app provides you with Double exposure which lets merge two images. It also has predefined overlay effects which can transform your simple pics into a stunning compositions. The app comes with an inbuilt camera as well, which lets you use overlay effects while you are clicking. Making collages with app is a piece of cake as it has inbuilt templates for the same. The app has around 50 million downloads along with an average rating of 4.4 on the Play Store. The app can be downloaded from

3: Photo Director

Platform: iOS, Android

With a rating of 4.6 on the play store, the app provides you with a variety of features and tools enough to give professional touch to your compositions. It allows you to cut out elements from images and use them as you want. Along with editing tools it comes with its own camera and collage maker. The camera allows you to use gesture control to take snaps and also you can use the pre-defined filters in real time. With a number of filters and effects available for download you can get the exact look you want for your pic. You can download it from:

2: Cymera

Platform: iOS, Android

This is a special app as it provides you very unusual features and tools for editing. Apart from the basics like brightness, saturation, color correction, it allows you to correct your face structure, body size, Eyes and smile correction, you can apply makeup as well (not that effective though). It comes loaded with pre-defined filters, light effects, collage maker, stickers, and paint brush templates. Above all the unique feature of this app would be the inbuilt camera. The camera allows you to capture in 7 lens modes (basic, Fisheye, Panorama, Double, Pop 4, Super 4 and Action 4) Fisheye is something to lookout for. The app has a rating of 4.4 and over a 100 million downloads on Play Store. You can download it from

1: SnapSeed.

Platform: iOS, Android

This has to be the best. After all it comes from Google directly. It’s one of the most professional image editing app you will find on the play store. The UI is the best from what I have used until now. The app lets you tune precise details of your images at pixel level. It’s one of the few apps that provides selective tuning of image elements. Along with basic corrections (brightness, saturation, contrast), you can tune the highlights, shadows, and ambience also.  It comes pre-loaded with filters that you can utilize for an instant fix. The App has over 10 million downloads on the play store with an average rating of 4.4. It was rated as one of the Top 100 Best Android App of 2015 by PC Magazine. You can download it from


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