A browser you must have..

Do your friends share links with you on WhatsApp or any other social media app, and then you click on it, it opens up on the browser, and you go through it and then come back to your social media app and respond. Or let’s say you have some details stored on your mobile and you need to enter those on a web page. You open the details, maybe remember it quickly and then open the web page and enter, oh wait you forgot one of the entries, go back where you have saved the details remember it again, come back to the browser and then enter it. Sounds too complicated and tedious right? Flynx is what you need then.

Flynx is a simple browser that opens up as a floating app on the side of your screen. This allows you to truly multitask in an extremely efficient way. It provides a quick read mode which hides all the advertisements on the webpage giving only the content that is important to you

Unfortunately its only available for Android as of now. You can download it from the play store.

Check out the screenshots below of Flynx in use.


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